Advantages of Using a Social Media Agency in Denver CO Instead of an In-House Person

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Advertising and Marketing

Most people who own businesses in Denver CO believe that it is better to hire someone to take care of all the social media marketing instead of using an agency. They usually believe the in-house person will be more personal with their particular company and will work harder. However, it can actually be more beneficial to use an agency in Denver CO rather than hire someone directly and place them on your payroll, for many reasons.


Most people don’t consider the actual cost of hiring someone, no matter who they are or what they do. You may pay someone a specific salary, but you must also pay payroll taxes, equipment needs, health benefits, training, office space, time-off and more.

If you hire a social media agency Denver CO, they won’t require any type of benefits, such as health or dental. You would also be sure that the money you spend on the agency would include a full campaign, such as planning, research, strategy, execution and will usually include other services, such as video production, design, social community management, promotions, public relations and more.

Get More

A successful campaign isn’t just about marketing but includes design, PR, strategy and so much more. One or two people probably won’t be able to handle everything that will need to be done for the campaign to be a success. You will probably hire someone with a lot of talents, but it still stands that this one person won’t be able to handle every single aspect of a marketing campaign.

The agency, on the other hand, has many people working on your campaign at one time. It’s almost like getting 10 for the price of one. Many agencies have designers, executives, illustrators, copywriters, bloggers, PR reps, web developers, entrepreneurs and more. This means you are getting a better representation of everyone’s particular ability, which allows you to have a better campaign.

Social Updating

Because one person can’t do it all, most times, they neglect social media. They don’t give updates as frequently as they should, etc. Agencies are able to do this, but they are also learning and broadening their scope all the time. This means that they stay up-to-date about new tactics and tools available, giving your business an edge. That one-man-show you would hire couldn’t do all that extra research along with everything else he has to do.

It is definitely worth it to consider a social media agency in Denver CO. For more information, please visit Morrison Digital Marketing today to learn more.

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