Common Misconceptions About Funeral Home SEO Services

by | Jun 14, 2024 | Marketing

The funeral home industry is highly competitive, and it’s important to utilize SEO to ensure you’re not passed over for the competition. However, some misconceptions about funeral home SEO services may delay your choice to seek professional help.

Everyone Is Using the Same Keywords

As an owner of a funeral home, you likely have a bias regarding the terms you use to refer to certain procedures and services. However, you’d be surprised by the variety of words used to search for information about funeral homes and services. For example, you may use “cremated remains;” However, most people are going to search for things like “cremated ashes.” Proper funeral home SEO services will be comprehensive research into what locals are looking for when they need your services.

You’re Already Highly Ranked on the Search Pages

If you Google your business, you’ll probably see it ranked highly on the search engine pages. You must remember that searches are highly personalized. What you see when searching your business is not what others are seeing. An SEO company will give you insight into what others see when they search for the services your funeral home offers and ways to improve your ranking.

You Only Need to Add All the Keywords to Your Website

The technology behind Google and other search engines is capable of far more than most people realize. Simply adding relevant keywords to your website will not improve your ranking. Search engines are looking at the quality of content your website provides, how well the website performs, your credibility and authority in the industry, and numerous other factors.

JR Purple Funeral Home Marketing offers trustworthy funeral home SEO services that will help boost your funeral home’s rankings in the search engine and ensure local customers discover your business.

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