Understanding Geofencing Marketing in Washington, DC

by | Dec 27, 2022 | Digital Marketing

Some marketing firms are using geospatial data to set up geofences in certain areas because advertising is getting more expensive and consumer groups are getting smaller. This lets them advertise to people who are more likely to buy from them and keeps them from wasting money on people who aren’t expected to buy.

With this being said, let’s take a closer look at geofencing marketing in Washington, DC.

What Is Geofencing Marketing?

Setting up virtual barriers around a location or region and keeping track of when someone using a mobile device breaches them is known as geofencing marketing in Washington, DC. When this occurs, a notice is delivered to the person’s mobile device to promote a nearby business, product, service, or brand. This crucial new method for more precisely identifying a company’s most likely clients is also known as geofencing advertising.

How Geofencing Works

Geofences may be made in three different ways with companies such as VisioneerIT. The first has a radius around the centroid. This entails determining the structure or property’s center point and then figuring out how far each direction is in relation to that point.

The second, usually referred to as an isochrone, has a walk or driving duration. This entails figuring out how long it will take to go by all available means of transportation from one location to a specific destination.

The third involves the footprints of buildings. Using measured polygons, this approach represents the precise physical boundaries of a location of interest, be it a whole building, a park, or a single retail space in a mall.

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