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What to Know Before Booking Chicago Conference Speakers

Planning a conference in Chicago for hundreds or thousands of attendees is a very complicated process. In most cases, these types of conferences are planned and organized by committees of individuals, all working to ensure a quality event for everyone.

Booking the best possible conference speakers is perhaps the most difficult part. Having a good idea of the specifics of the conference as well other logistics issues can help ensure you are able to book the best possible Chicago conference speakers for your event.

Here are some critical issues to consider during the booking process:

Timing – popular Chicago conference speakers are in high demand. Ideally, for nationally or internationally recognized speakers, consider starting the booking process six to eight months in advance, if not before. Some top speakers are booked for annual events up to a year in advance.

Topic or theme – the best speakers always work with a conference theme or topic to tailor their talk. This is particularly important for keynote speakers to open the conference or start out each day.

The audience – providing information to the speaker about the makeup of the audience in advance of the event is important for most speakers. This helps the speaker to choose relevant examples and stories to connect with the audience and to provide a meaningful and relevant speech.

Desired message – in addition to a topic or theme, some conference planners have a desired message or focus area for the talk. Some speakers are willing to work with groups to focus their message, while others may be limited in the modifications they make to their presentation.

Planning early is critical to any event. The earlier the planning committee starts contacting speakers, the easier it is to choose a top lineup for the event.