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The Benefits of Using a Biddable Media Agency

Biddable advertising is an important part of any comprehensive advertising strategy in the 21st Century. YouConnex is poised to deliver you the strategies you need in order to capitalize on this powerful advertising tool. The future success of your company is bound by the approach to the market you choose right now. Knowing this—and knowing the market—gives YouConnex the power to increase your profits through well-designed biddable advertising.

However, this is more than just paying per click. YouConnex uses digital attribution modeling in order to give you the best chance possible of getting the attention of your target demographics. Here is how digital attribution modeling works. You need to have the eyes of a specific group of people focused on your product or service. You have a few different media channels that you can use to do this. The campaign can be designed so that each channel can be used in a slightly different way than the others to ensure the best overall performance of the campaign.

For instance, let’s say you want to run a relatively simple campaign that uses Facebook, Instagram, and banner ads on a related site. Instead of taking your ad budget and dividing it into three parts, you have the option of analyzing each channel and then deciding which one is the most effective. While some people may want to eliminate the channels that aren’t as effective, they can still be useful because each helps bring your customers in—to some extent or another. You can take a relatively small amount of time to examine how and where to allocate your resources, and it will pay off. Digital attribution modeling allows you to spread your resources according to the plan that best aligns with how you want your target audience to approach their buying.

We focus on data-driven digital campaigns custom fit to your business model. We take out the guesswork and use real, tangible data. The process is 100% transparent, so you can see your success, and there will never be a question as to how your campaign is helping your profits increase.

With new techniques for reaching customers popping up all the time, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. YouConnex has the experience and know-how to custom fit just the right approach to help you meet the benchmarks you strive for. Get started today.

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