Vinyl Stickers Are Great for Advertising

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Marketing Agency

If you have ever had a city bus next to you in traffic chances are you have seen vinyl stickers. Simply put it is a process where a design is printed onto a vinyl sheet which is then applied to a surface. It is incredible from a business aspect as they are durable, low cost and have an easy installation process.

How Is it Created?

The process of vinyl printing means exactly as the name implies. Vinyl rolls are digitally printed by InkJet printers and then applied to a mounting surface. Because the imagine is digitally printed it can produce exact colours and details on the vinyl. This allows for an exact replication of your company logo or whatever text you wish to include on your stickers. The roll is then cut up with a CNC machine to ensure precision and accuracy.

Durability That Just Goes On

These stickers have the ability to last sometimes up to 5 years in a vertical orientation. So it is a good long term investment that you can reuse as you see fit in the future. Should you update your company fleet of vehicles and want to move the stickers from one to the other the process is easy and will not leave marks. They are an incredibly versatile and effective way of advertising to people that pass by in traffic.

Get a Professional Design Company on The Job

For close to 30 years Corporate Signs Inc has been offering products like vinyl stickers in Toronto area. Their attention to detail provides their customers with beautiful stickers they are proud to show off to the public. They utilize both their creative eye and advanced technology to produce stickers that are unmatched in terms of quality and strength. Contact them today to see what they can do for you.

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