Five Signs it is Time for a New Website Design in Jacksonville FL

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Web Designing and Development

Your website should be an accurate, appealing representation of your business, products and services. Often the first point of contact potential customers have with your business, your site should be user-friendly and focused. If it isn’t, it may be time for a website makeover. Keep these other aspects in mind to see if you need to take action and revamp your site.

Your Business Has Changed

If your business has changed but your site has stayed the same, it’s time for a makeover. When you were first getting on your feet, a simple single-page design may have been fine, but your site should grow if your capabilities have expanded.

Key Info Is Different

Have you read through the text on your site recently? You may be surprised by inaccurate info. Double-check details, like your phone number, opening hours and pricing to make sure you’ve updated accurately.

It Looks Outdated

You’ll know an outdated website when you see it. Today’s website design in Jacksonville FL and elsewhere tends to be sleek, streamlined and fresh. If yours looks like it was one of the first sites on the Internet, consider a makeover.

Visitors Leave Quickly

Check the traffic reports for your site to see how long visitors are staying. If your leads are drying up and people aren’t clicking on multiple pages, refocus your content and incorporate better funnels into your website design goals.

It’s Inconsistent with Other Branding

Have you tweaked your logo since your website went live? Does your building have new signage? Is there a new splash of color on your print materials? Your website should reflect these changes to create a consistent, easily-identifiable image for your business.

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